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Which is the Best Church in Big Bear?

by: Rob Hastings



Is there such thing as "the perfect church"? Believe it or not, I believe the answer is "YES." But before you click away, let me explain my view. The Bible teaches us that God has a good and perfect will for us. What is amazing is that His perfect will for us sometimes--well actually always--comes along with difficulties. You see, we grow through adversity. A diamond becomes a diamond through testing, time and pressure. The NFL star abuses his body through countless

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by: Shannon Hastings



I am not one who writes a regular blog, in fact, this would be my first official one. I do write things down that the Lord impresses on me, notes, thoughts, words from God etc. I did however feel that this word should be shared in a broader context, so, I do pray that you will be encouraged.

I have truly felt like the Lord has been speaking to me to be real, to be authentic...that is difficult to do when you don’t know how you will be received. When someone is truly being

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